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One day, while eating fist-fulls of Gummi Bears, I began to notice the exceptional and seemingly super natural powers of a Gummi Bear. I was pinching, twisting, stomping, crushing, bending, poking, prodding, impaling, decapitating the Gummi Bear and the Gummi Bear came right back to shape as if nothing happened. This experience shattered my preconceived notions that a Gummi Bear was just stale Jell-O. Wanting to know more, I began performing informal tests on Gummi Bears, exploring their various strengths and possible contributions to the survival of modern day society. The more I tested, the more I learned, and the more excited I became.

The beneficial possibilities of the Gummi Bear seems endless. These possibilities include, but are not limited to: replacing the O-ring on the space shuttle, resolving the year 2000 crisis (it is never too late), kidney replacement surgery, circus animal training, and politics. All this, and its still a tasty, fat free treat!

Soon it became clear to me. I must pioneer the exciting possibilities of the Gummi Bear and let the world know. To effectively accomplish this, I knew I needed to compare the abilities of the Gummi Bear with other candied animal treats. And so this site was born.

As with any test that pushes the boundaries of modern conventions and stereotypes, there were side effects. This site does not shy away from these side effects. It is important that we understand all aspects of the Gummi Bear so we can use its powers for the good of man and not evil.

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